The power of remix   March 11th, 2009

ThruYou is a great new project from Kutimann. What he has done is take small parts of existing YouTube videos and created new songs and videos. The end result is freakin great:

Check out the rest of the videos over at ThruYou

This raises a whole lot of questions about copyright, but that’s another blogpost :-)

Do you want a Spotify invite?   January 14th, 2009

I have five Spotify invites laying around. If you want one, leave a comment under this post and I’ll mail you one.

Remember to leave a correct email address.

You have to use the invite within a couple of hours, or it will be revoked.

Twitter Grader etc..   October 26th, 2008

Just stumbled over Twitter Grader today. It’s a tool that rates your twitter account by comparing different aspects of your twitter account with the rest of the twittersphere. It also has a twitter elite list which show the top twitters in the world. Currently Wil Wheaton is topping the list which I find a bit strange. He’s not the most famous twitter and he doesn’t have a lot of followers. He has quite a few updates though, maybe that is what it takes to top the list? Anyways, the elite list seems to change quite often so maybe there’s another top twitter tomorrow.

Twitter Grader also holds a list of the twitter elite in Oslo, Norway (my hometown). So far I am just behind the top ten list, but who knows, maybe I’ll enter the list some day :)

I found another twitter tool today as well: It’s handy tool to check who’s following you that you are not following back and vice versa

See you around, follow me a